Vision Shopsters: Primo Extremo Case Study: gaining credible entry in a monopolized category

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Popular flavored milk brand Primo launched a liquid breakfast product in New Zealand in 2008, in an attempt to enter the domain dominated by Sanitarium's Up&Go. Rather than tackling the market leader head-on, Primo chose to grow the entire liquid breakfast category through the attraction and recruitment of new consumers.

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Table Of Contents :

Datamonitor View 1
Analysis 2
Work pressures and time scarcity have driven the market for on-the-go breakfast solutions 2
Time poor consumers are skipping breakfast with greater frequency 3
On-the-go meal solutions have proliferated in Australia and New Zealand 3
The emergence of 'liquid breakfast' rejuvenated the occasion 5
Liquid breakfasts provide the nutrition benefits of breakfast in a convenient consumption format 5
Sanitarium revolutionized the liquid breakfast category 5
Subsequent attempts to challenge the dominance of Up&Go proved unsuccessful 6
Primo Extremo gained traction in liquid breakfast by targeting new consumer segments 7
A solid understanding of its core audience has kept Primo New Zealand's top flavoured milk brand 8
Primo succeeded in the category by choosing not to challenge the market leader directly 9
Compare and contrast: Sanitarium Up&Go Energize 10
Conclusion and implications 12
Case Study series 13
Methodology 13
Secondary sources 13
Further reading 14
Ask the analyst 14
Datamonitor consulting 14
Disclaimer 14

List of Figures
Figure 1: Six-in-10 global consumers are increasingly seeking time saving products or services 2
Figure 2: Breakfast is the main meal most commonly being neglected by consumers, particularly in Australia 3
Figure 3: On-the-go meal consumption is an increasingly common occurrence for global consumers 4
Figure 4: Innovative packaging formats are facilitating easier and more convenient meal consumption 4
Figure 5: Liquid breakfast is part of the rapidly growing functional drinks category 5
Figure 6: The success of the original Up&Go has spawned several, more targeted spinoff brands 6
Figure 7: Aunt Betty's Body Fuel failed to effectively distance itself from market leader Up&Go 7
Figure 8: Failed attempts at replicating the success of Up&Go illustrated the lack of effective differentiation 7
Figure 9: Primo advertising continues to te

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Vision Shopsters: Primo Extremo Case Study: gaining credible entry in a monopolized category

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Vision Shopsters: Primo Extremo Case Study: gaining credible entry in a monopolized category

This article was published on 2010/09/21