Avoiding the Sumo Wrestler Body

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If you think that Sumo wrestlers are difficult to create, you have to think again! Becoming as huge as sumos is not at all difficult. All it takes is a unhealthy lifestyle and anybody's good to go --- Sumo!

3 Things Sumo Wrestlers Do To Become A Fat Ass:

Fat-Ass Tip #1 - No Breakfast When You Get Up!

Missing breakfast is a fantastic way to speed up the fat-creating process inside of your body. Did you know, junior level sumo wrestlers are not allowed to eat breakfast because they need to gain weight quickly? Skip breakfast, and you'll more than likely end up "pigging out" later in the day, which in turn serves to suppress your metabolism.

Interestingly enough, one of my biochemistry textbooks states the following:

"Animals that have fasted and are then fed high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets show marked increases in their... synthesis of fatty acids in a couple of days."* (1)

The bottom line is, sumo wrestlers have long known that by missing out on breakfast, they essentially help their bodies to produce a greater amount of fat, in a short space of time.

Want to loose weight? - You need to sit your ass down at the table and get stuck into a hearty breakfast each and every day. If you worry greatly about the inability to restrain yourself from gobbling up food, just make sure your breakfast is protein and fiber-rich and you'll see that you can actually be in control. Meals which have plenty of protein in them tend to keep you feel full for longer, so of course this is something you can use to you advantage. If you want to lose weight fast and you perform your daily morning routine, move on to tip #2.

Fat-Ass Tip #2 - Don't Eat Anything Before Workouts!

Surely if you're burning up so much energy during a workout; and that on an empty stomach, you're bound to loose weight. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, because this is exactly what sumo wrestlers do, and there's just no way they're willing to loose any of their precious fat. Working out on an empty stomach actually encourages weight gain because it causes your body to produce more cortisol. Higher cortisol levels means that you have to expect an increase in appetite.

Want to loose weight? - If you workout first thing in the morning, eat something before you start, or even while you're busy. No, you don't need to sit down to a feast before you start, but you do need something, and whatever you decide on, make sure in includes some protein because your body will need the fuel, especially if you want your workouts to be productive.

Fat-Ass Tip #2 - Eat Yourself to Death on High-Carb/Low-Fat Diets

While the average person was still trying to figure out carbohydrates and insulin, the Japanese knew exactly what diet was needed in order to become morbidly obese, hence the reason why their wrestlers eat a high carb (57%), low fat (16%) diet. Pump your body full of carbs, and it will immediately begin producing way to much of the insulin hormone, and you need to bear in mind that high insulin levels make it hard to access your fat and easy to create more of it.

To back this claim up, here are some facts I've taken from one of my biochemistry textbooks:

a) "Fatty acid synthesis is maximal when carbohydrates and energy are plentiful and when fatty acids are scarce..."*

b) "Insulin stimulates fatty acid synthesis."

c) "The hormone insulin inhibits the mobilization of fatty acids and stimulates their accumulation."

Want to loose weight? - Say goodbye to all those carbs, and especially refined carbs. Secondly, you need to include a bit more fat in your diet. Sounds crazy I know, but it's true. For example, having eggs and bacon for breakfast is a classic "low-carb" meal, and we all know, by the time you've finished eating two eggs and some bacon, you're certainly not hungry anymore, and in fact, you remain full for quite a while. This in itself is helpful, it that it helps to prevent you from overeating. Now, if you were to tuck into some tasty muffins, would you be happy with only two?

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Avoiding the Sumo Wrestler Body

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This article was published on 2010/11/18